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Who we are

We are a real non-profit and are truly about the kids!

USA Rec Sports has locations in several states and we hope to be in most states soon!  We are NOT a franchise organization.  Franchise sports leagues have to make a profit for the franchise owners so they charge more per child.

Our money goes back into the communities to pay for location team members, referees and local schools.


Here are the sports we offer!

Lots of variety and most sports are offered year-round!



Flag Football




about us

What are our goals?

USA Rec Sports is the only national sports league that is non-profit AND not franchised.  This means our only focus is a positive experience for recreational sports across the nation.

Our goals are not to make a profit, but to provide a high-level of sports action at a fraction of the price of other leagues. 


We strive to be price-sensitive to single-parent families and families with multiple children.

Safe Environments

Our family-friendly policies help keep the environment appropriate for all age groups


Our teams represent their local cities and towns while also playing against teams from other cities and towns. Represent the home team!


We offer all kinds of sports all year long. This way, you're not stuck with one or two sports to choose from

Not in your area? Help us get started in your home town!